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The driving force behind Food is Fuel, LLC is to build a compassionate relationship with clients and to collaborate on an individualized plan to encourage recovery. It is important to me that clients are seen and valued for who they are.

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My Unique Process

One of my main priorities is creating a safe place for my clients to work on normalizing their relationship with food and understanding that all food has a purpose. Through different therapeutic approaches, I help my clients recognize how their eating behaviors coincide with their physical body and help to reestablish hunger and satiety cues based on physical needs, not emotional triggers. 

My philosophy combines a nutritional counseling style that assists clients in dealing with eating to meet the body’s daily nutritional needs; a balanced/sustainable relationship with food, free from negative or distorted thoughts about oneself; and listening to and trusting the bodies internal cues to determine hunger and fullness.

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According to the National Eating Disorder Association, in the USA up to 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder.
Among female high school student athletes, 41.5% reported disordered eating. They were eight times more likely to incur an injury….”

Up to 35% of individuals who abused or were dependent on alcohol or other drugs have had eating disorders, compared to 3% of the general population.


In a college screening of males, 1 out of every 3 positive screenings for eating disorders were male.


Over 50% of Americans aren’t happy with their current weight.

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“I’m not sure there are enough words to accurately describe how much Ashley has changed my life and my view on food.  I had struggled with an eating disorder for over half my life and have had a lot of treatment but nothing has compared to the type of individualized treatment I get from Ashley. She has helped all of my fear foods become just food. She has helped me understand that food doesn’t have a moral value; it’s just food and everything fits. Taking the power away from food and looking at it as fuel has made all the difference in my life. I think one of the best parts is that Ashley practices what she teaches; sometimes I even think “What would Ashley eat?” I will forever be in debt to the support and knowledge Ashley has given me in the years of working together, I can say I am in solid recovery and have never been better. Thank you, Ashley for helping to save my life!”
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I sought out Ashley for help with an eating disorder. Although I had tried other nutritionists, Ashley quickly distinguished herself. Ashley took a more holistic approach which addressed both the emotional and nutritional components of my eating disorder. In addition, Ashley developed a treatment plan tailored to meet my unique needs and flexible enough to address any issues which might arise between appointments. Ashley’s insight often stopped me from giving in to my eating disorder on days when I felt vulnerable and helped me to recover on occasions when I lapsed. If the need arose, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ashley to a friend or family member.”
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“I have known Ashley for over 5 years in both a treatment center setting and as part of her private practice. She is incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy. Most importantly, she truly cares about her clients and tailors her recommendations to their lifestyle. Ashley asks all the right questions to uncover root causes of a problem and presents more than one solution when trying to help clients succeed in trouble areas. I am treated with the utmost respect and her sincerity is extraordinary. I highly recommend meeting with Ashley to hear what advice she has to offer you – you won’t be sorry!”
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“Are you looking to be free of your eating disorder? To change your relationship with food and eating? Look no further. I worked with Ashley for several months and she forever changed my life for the better. I had tried and tried for years to free myself from my eating disorder, not only by myself but through trying diet after diet, with no success. It was when I started working with Ashley that things shifted for me. Her style is compassionate, lighthearted and offers hope and practical support and guidance. She is also really fun. You deserve to work with Ashley!”
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“Eating disorders can be isolating and unbearable, but with the guidance of Ashley I felt understood. I began seeing Ashley when I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and felt it was the right match continuing for five years meeting on a weekly basis. During my appointments she worked with me to plan meals, create goals, and discuss any struggles or successes I was having. Ashley was always helpful with providing me numerous facts to disprove irrational eating thoughts while also being supportive on my journey. Ashley is an amazing dietician who wasn’t just about the weight but the full image of recovery, having a healthy lifestyle, diet, and frame of mind. I highly recommend Ashley and would guarantee you will not be disappointed, I will forever be grateful for the help, support, and guidance she provided me through difficult times.”
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“Working with Ashley has been hands-down one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my recovery. She’s been completely trustworthy and helpful from day one of working with her, and has not only been very helpful with suggestions to help me combat recovery challenges, but is also just a genuinely caring person who has always held space for me to work on my recovery. I leave every session with Ashley re-energized, feeling like I can take on anything that recovery throws me. I honestly can’t recommend Ashley enough!”
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Ashley is the most kind and caring health professional I’ve ever worked with. I spent a lot of my teen years struggling with anorexia nervosa and attended the Institute of Living in Hartford to begin my road to recovery. Over a span of a couple stints within the program, I became very close with Ashley as she helped provide me with the knowledge and strength I needed to become a functioning member of society again and continued working with her in her private practice. She is easily the most understanding person when it comes to the physical and emotional needs of her patients. There is not one other person I trust when it comes to helping me with my recovery and I can’t thank her enough for her continued support throughout the years. Ashley is not only the best dietician ever, but also the best person you will ever meet.”

You Got This, Together We Will Bring The Pleasure Back Into Food By Confronting Your Fears.